Navalea – The Product

Navalea. 100% extra virgin olive oil.



100% koroneiki. Cold extraction.
Messinia, Greece

Traditional, original, organic, handpicked, modern, fresh: Navalea

Navalea Extra Virgin Olive Oil stands for taste in its purest form.
We rely only on the highest quality, traditional manufacturing processes, fair production conditions, and love for nature. Only hand-picked, varietal Koroneiki olives from selected small Greek growing areas are processed. A large portion of specialist knowledge and a strong dash of passion give the oil its very personal, fresh note.

Already through the loving care of the old olive trees, which our partners bring to their trees all year round, the olives develop the highest proportions of valuable nutrients.

On the day of the harvest, we rely on the gentle hand-picking method, which does not damage the tree or the olive. Cold pressed under 27˚- in a few hours in the bottle – under 0.3% acidity. This creates an olive oil that shows a high proportion of healthy fatty acids, polyphenol and other valuable nutritional values. Health has never been easier.

Not only Navalea’s exterior – the clear design allows no compromises, also its interior:
Sustainable cultivation and the highest level of craftsmanship create an uncompromising, natural extra virgin olive oil of outstanding quality. No compromise.

Fresh extra virgin olive oil combines the best of two worlds – traditional, handpicked olive growing culture and modern Mediterranean lifestyle. Inspired by tradition and innovation.This fresh, extra virgin olive oil, coated with a noble design, can be ordered in our shop directly to your home.

SENSUAL Only the best selection of early picked Koroneiki olives make it into the bottle. Navalea captivates in the aroma with sensual notes of freshly cut grass, green olive, lemon and tomato. The taste is smooth and harmonious with a slightly bitter and spicy note. Simply sensual.


Navalea presents itself with formal beauty in a puristic, elegant form – full of Mediterranean lightness.
Whether as an eye-catcher, subtle kitchen element, as a vase, decoration or as an ideal gift.

Navalea appreciates the values and the beauty of nature. Fair trade and giving something back to nature plays a big role in Navalea’s philosophy. We largely use only sustainable materials. From the bottle to the packaging. We try to avoid plastic as much as possible and even the color of the bottle is natural. We want our production to leave no room for moral, ethical or ecological concerns.
Simply natural.




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