Navalea – The story & origin

Navalea. An olive oil like a real love story.
All about the love of life and nature in all its perfection.
A declaration of love to Greek tradition, culture and its wonderful country.
Grown in Messinia, Navalea combines the power of the olive tree and its fruits.
A declaration of love for natural extra virgin olive oil of special quality.

Navalea. 100% Extra Natives Olivenöl 100% Koroneiki 100% Kaltextraktion.

Who is Navalea?

As the daughter of a Greek-German family, Corina Schwab Christopoulos has always spent a lot of time in Greece. She shares her love of olive oil with family and friends, to whom she always brings fresh olive oil from Greece. The wish for her own olive oil, which comes fresh into the bottle right after the harvest and whose fresh aroma and natural taste you can feel, arose with friends.
After years of job-related trips around the world, she decided to pursue her dream of own olive oil and founded Navalea. In cooperation with young, talented, Greek farmers and their careful production methods, a fine hand-harvested olive oil is created, far from mass production – but with a lot of passion

Our Philosophy

Inspired by Greek culture and the Mediterranean way of life, we are defining extra virgin olive oil in a new way.
We are also breaking new ground for this. Navalea’s design is inspired by the lightness, brightness, freedom and puristic forms of the Mediterranean lifestyle. This is how Navalea becomes a combination of tradition and modern lifestyle.


A Passion for
Olive Oil

It all started with passion for olive oil. The trip. The idea. Navalea.
An olive oil that goes straight from the olive tree into the bottle. Inspired by Greece’s nature and lifestyle. Only Navalea and love. No more and no less. And so Navalea started – Inspired by nature.


The origin of our olive oil – our partners

For the production of Navalea, we work together with young Greek talents who have won several awards for their olive oil production.
Driven by the appreciation of natural products and their cultivation, we value our partners – the hard-working olive oil farmers – in every step. We share the values of Greek culture, its tradition, Greek nature – and the people behind it.

Our partners not only share the passion for extra virgin olive oil as we do, but they also share the great appreciation for nature. For this reason, they treat their olive trees as their treasures to ensure sustainability and produce the best olive oil for us.

Messinia – Navalea´s home and origin – 100% Koroneiki

Navalea grew and matured in Messinia, Greece. Messinia is a region in the Peloponnese, surrounded by mountains and the breeze of the Ionian Sea. Known for the ideal climate and the excellent soil for olive cultivation, Messinia produces particularly aromatic olives full of valuable nutrients. Messinia is the home of the “Koroneiki” olive variety. It is the same region of which the famous Kalamata olives come from. Navalea is extracted from 100% Koroneiki.

The Koroneiki variety is characterized by a fresh, fruity taste – memories of freshly cut grass, citrus and green apple are awakened. The slightly bitter taste – a sign of the high content of healthy polyphenols and antioxidants – gives the oil a spicy taste and gives your health a real kick.




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